Form and Timing of Nomination

FACET nominations can be initiated by any full-time faculty member or administrator who is familiar with the work of the candidate as a teacher. A brief letter, phone call, or e-mail to the FACET Campus Liaison will serve to initiate the process. Please contact your campus liaison for more information. FACET candidates may NOT self-nominate.

The deadlines for nominations vary by campus.

All nominations are due to your campus liaison by:

IU Bloomington—June 30, 2019
IU East—September 2, 2019 
IU Kokomo—September 9, 2019
IU Northwest—May 31, 2019
FACET Fort Wayne—March 22, 2019
IUPUI and IUPUC—September 6, 2019
IU South Bend—May 17, 2019
IU Southeast—May 31, 2019

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