Eligibility and Criteria

All FACET candidates must:

  • Be full-time faculty members who have completed 3 years of full-time teaching in the Indiana University system by June 1st of the year in which they are nominated. Full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty, full-time non-tenure-track instructors or lecturers, faculty with full-time clinical teaching assignments (e.g. medicine, nursing), and librarians with significant teaching responsibilities are eligible for nomination. (The "years-completed-at-IU" requirement was reduced from 4 to 3 at the May 19, 2017 steering committee meeting.)
  • Have teaching responsibilities (minimum of one course per semester).

Years as a visiting professor or lecturer count toward requirements as long as the candidate is currently in a full-time position (non-visiting). Whatever a nominee’s faculty rank, a FACET nominee should be among the institution’s most outstanding teaching faculty. Nominees should be able to document and demonstrate their approach to teaching and their impact on learning in and beyond the classroom. They may have won Distinguished Teaching Awards, but nominations are not restricted to that group of faculty, nor is there a fixed quota for any discipline, rank, or campus.

FACET seeks to identify faculty who have:

  • A record of and continuing pursuit of excellence in teaching, support of student learning, and helping colleagues to excel in teaching.
  • A commitment to their own continuing growth through reflection.
  • The willingness to advocate for the importance of teaching and learning — locally, regionally, and/or nationally.
  • Advanced the craft of teaching through efforts in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrated a willingness to continue involvement in teaching activities, specifically FACET activities.

Please note that it typically takes 4-5 years to reach the point that a candidate can demonstrate excellence in teaching and show a record of meeting all FACET membership criteria.

Nominations can be initiated by any full-time faculty member or administrator who is familiar with the work of the candidate as a teacher. A brief letter, phone call, or e-mail to the FACET Campus Liaison will serve to initiate the process. Please contact your campus liaison for more information, deadlines per campus are listed below. FACET candidates may NOT self-nominate.

The deadlines for nominations vary by campus.

All nominations are due to your campus liaison by:

IU Bloomington—May 1, 2020
IU East—September 2, 2020
IU Kokomo—September 9, 2020
IU Northwest—May 15, 2020
FACET Fort Wayne—March 22, 2020
IUPUI and IUPUC—September 11, 2020
IU South Bend—May 15, 2020
IU Southeast—April 15, 2020

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