Request a peer review

  • Policies

    FACET records will include the name of the requesting faculty member, the matched FACET Peer Reviewer, the beginning date of the Peer Review, and the ending date of the Peer Review, supplied by the Peer Reviewer (or coach).  The FACET office will not maintain any record of Peer Review reports.

    All requests to the FACET office will be provided as much confidentiality as possible.  Under no circumstances will the FACET office, coaches, or Peer Reviewers release any information to outside parties except when requested by the faculty member.

  • Procedures

    A FACET Peer Review (coaching, formative, or summative) always begins with a request from a faculty member to the FACET office.  Please do not directly contact coaches or peer reviewers. FACET does not provide Peer Reviews at the request of department chairs, deans, or other administrators.  

    Once a request is initiated, FACET office staff will identify a trained FACET Peer Reviewer.  The precise steps of a FACET Peer Review (coaching, formative, or summative) will be determined by the reviewer (or coach) and the requesting faculty member taking into account the FACET Best Practices in Peer Review document and the demands of the situation.

    In many cases, FACET Peer Reviews will not involve visits to observe classroom teaching.  Peer Review will consist of conversations with the faculty member requesting the review and review of all course materials, including any materials in online environments.

    Classroom visits will be arranged at the discretion of the reviewer (or coach) and the requesting faculty member.  In summative reviews, submission of a dossier may suffice and the requesting faculty member should include any campus information that outlines criteria for excellence in teaching.