2023 (2023-2025)

Leveraging Generative AI for Student Success and Opportunity in Higher Education

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) has added complexity to the already rapidly changing landscape of higher education. While faculty reactions have been mixed, with some gravitating to preparing our students for a GAI-enhanced workplace and life to others rightfully concerned with accurate assessment of our students’ learning. 

While these perspectives are both valid, the fact is that the transformative potential of GAI in addressing the challenges faced by institutions of higher learning cannot and should not be overlooked. By carefully stewarding resources utilizing GAI to support student needs, university degrees can be made more affordable and accessible to a broader range of students. Moreover, GAI can be utilized to optimize administrative processes, streamline enrollment efforts, and improve student retention and on-time graduation rates, thereby strengthening statewide postsecondary attainment rates. The significant expansion of high-impact experiential and career-related student experiences, guided by AI-powered personalized counseling and advising, can improve access to robust and equitable access to career preparation and academic guidance. In an increasingly diverse and globally connected economy, AI-generated insights can enable institutions to provide consistently relevant academic programs that equip students with the skills and knowledge required for academic, professional, and career success. Finally, as we embrace the potential of Generative AI, it is paramount to reinforce our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. By actively addressing bias in AI algorithms, we can help build an inclusive community where differences of perspectives and thoughts are respected, and where all students find a supportive environment to thrive and succeed. 

Together, let us embark on this journey of discovery and innovation, leveraging Generative AI to meet IU’S 2030 vision. and the corresponding five Student Success and Opportunity goals listed in IU’s Strategic Plan to shape the future of higher education and empower our students to excel in a world full of opportunities and possibilities.

The 2023 Leadership Institute Planning Committee 

Sridhar Ramachandran, Chair, IU Southeast, sriramac@ius.edu
Sumreen Asim, IU Southeast, sasim@ius.edu 
Didier Bertrand, IU Indianapolis, bertrand@iupui.edu 
Suparna Mukhopadhyay, IU Southeast, supamukh@ius.edu 

  • Clark Barwick
  • Justin Hodgson
  • Shabnam Kavousian
  • Michele Kelmer
  • Meghan Porter
  • Katie Siek
  • Jennifer Terrell
  • Dawn Wisher
  • Alison Wood

  • J. Melissa Blankenship
  • Shari Fowler
  • Eevett Loshek
  • Josh Tolbert

  • Fawzi Ben Messaoud
  • Ryan Brewer
  • Andy Buchenot
  • Lynn Jettpace
  • Kevin Jones
  • Krista Longtin
  • Lori Montalbano
  • Jason Organ
  • Lamia Scherzinger
  • Mark Urtel

  • Scott Blackwell
  • Leda Casey 
  • Paul Cook
  • Kathryn Holcomb
  • Md Nour Hossain
  • Melinda Stanley

  • Subir Bandyopadhyay
  • Hannah Lee
  • Harold Olivey
  • Erin Schaefer
  • Xiaofeng Wang

  • Julie Feighery
  • John Higgins
  • Lee Kahan
  • Michael Scheessele
  • James Smith
  • Jay VanderVeen

  • Ashley Burks
  • Brittny Kempfer
  • Christopher Proctor
  • Molly Riddle 
  • Jennifer Teater
  • Michael Wieck
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