Campus Selection process

The Campus FACET Selection Committee meets each year to aid nominees in preparing their application packets and then to determine which applicants are recommended to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or Dean of the Faculties on the individual campus. The Campus Selection Committee will prepare a Campus Statement of Support for successful candidates on their campus; this statement will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or Dean of Faculties for his or her endorsement. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or Dean of Faculties will forward endorsed statements of support to the FACET office at:

Indiana University
Bryan Hall, Room 203B
107 S. Indiana Ave
Bloomington, IN 47405

or via email to

A copy of the statement of support forwarded to the FACET office should be provided to the candidate. The Statewide Selection Committee will NOT review any dossier that is not accompanied by an endorsed statement of support from the campus Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculties.

Recommended Campus Procedures:

Candidates submit their dossiers to their campus associate director(s). The committee uses the FACET Nominee Review Form during its process: the form helps the selection committees maintain consistency in applying FACET's selection criteria. Candidates may wish to use the review form in conjunction with guidance from their campus' Associate Director to focus their dossier preparation.

Each candidacy is considered based only on the materials in the dossier. It is essential that the dossier describe the candidate in a way that is concise and complete. 

The campus selection committees may act on each candidacy in one of three ways:

  1. The committee may decide to forward the dossier for further consideration as it stands.
  2. The committee may suggest that the candidate make some additions or adjustments to the dossier and resubmit it before a final decision is made.
  3. The committee may decide not to support the candidacy. In this case, the campus selection committee chair will write to the candidate indicating the areas of the dossier needing strengthening.

The Campus Selection Committee shall use the Campus Statement of Support format to prepare a brief statement of support outlining the strengths of the candidate, based upon the dossier, and the impact of the candidate’s efforts in relation to teaching and student learning. This statement should only refer to information contained within the dossier. Ideally, this statement would highlight a broader, campus/community context that would assist the Statewide Selection Committee in understanding the importance of the candidate’s efforts.

Approved Campus Selection Procedures

Statewide Selection Process


The Statewide FACET Selection Committee meets each year to review applications and select new members who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to enhance and promote teaching excellence and student learning. The statewide selection committee considers only those candidacies that have been forwarded by the campuses with the endorsement of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs or Dean of Faculties. The same selection criteria and rating forms are used.

Statewide Selection Committee Procedures

The FACET Statewide Selection Committee (SSC) meets each year to review applications and select new members who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to enhance and promote teaching excellence and student learning.

  • The SSC shall be composed of one representative from each campus and the Chair of the SSC. The chair of the SSC is appointed by the FACET Director. Members of the SSC are appointed by the FACET Director in conjunction with FACET leadership on each campus. SSC members and the SSC Chair serve for a term of three years.
  • SSC members read each dossier forwarded by the campus selection committees and by the FACET office.
  • SSC members are provided a copy of the FACET Nominee Rating Form to use in evaluating each applicant.
  • The primary reader is to be assigned by the FACET office in conjunction with the Chair of the SSC. Each applicant is assigned a SSC member as a primary reader. Primary readers should not be assigned to candidates from their own campus. The chair of the SSC should not be assigned as a primary reader.
  • The primary reader summarizes the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. The primary reader is not to advocate for their assigned applicants but simply provide a summary that will be used to initiate discussion on the applicant.
  • Decisions are based on information provided in the dossier. However, the committee may decide to formally request more information in order to make a decision about a candidate. The process for requesting more information would involve the chair of the SSC requesting assistance from the FACET staff in contacting an appropriate FACET member from the applicant’s field of specialization or from the applicant’s campus, whatever is indicated for the particular situation.
  • SSC members will be offered a training and discussion session prior to the SSC meeting for review of applicants.

Review Day Procedures:

  • Begin with each SSC member's ratings according to the FACET Nominee Review Form placed on Selection Chart: Agree, Mostly Agree, Disagree, or Mostly Disagree.
  • The primary reader summarizes the applicant’s dossier, including strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discussion of applicant
  • Vote on whether to accept applicant into FACET. Chair of the SSC only votes in the case of a tie. Just as external reviewers are asked to reveal any relationship to those for whom they are writing a review letter, if you have a close relationship with the candidate – either positive or negative – it is your obligation to recuse yourself from voting and discussion.
  • Continue until all applicants have been reviewed
  • Once all applicants are reviewed, review decisions to be sure they are consistent throughout the day.
  • As each applicant is reviewed, strengths and weaknesses should be recorded by the Chair of the SSC. In addition, the final vote and any additional questions concerning the applicant will also be recorded by the Chair of the SSC.

A FACET staff member may also be present to record this information for the FACET director(s).
• Chair writes a letter to each applicant. Successful applicants will receive acceptance letter. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter outlining areas needing improvement.

FACET SSC Approved Procedures.doc Approved by FACET Steering Committee on 5/17/2014

On 5/15/2019, the FACET Steering Committee came to a consensus that the person on the statewide selection committee assigned to a candidate will be asked to provide a short quote that describes an exciting/interesting highlight about the candidate’s teaching. 

Katie Metz, IU Bloomington, Chair
Allen Davis, IU Bloomington
Edwina Helton, IU East
Steve Buttes, FACET Fort Wayne
Mary Ann Frank, IUPUI
Gloria Preece, IU Kokomo
Micah Pollak, IU Northwest
Kathy Ernstburger, IU Southeast
Christina Gerken, IU South Bend

Committee roster will be announced after the statewide selection meeting. 

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