2017 Retreat

FACET's 29th Annual Retreat

May 19-21

Theme: Catalysts for Change: The Transformative Possibilities of Teaching and Learning

Enjoy the FACET new member induction ceremony, the inaugural FACET Academy Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and opportunities to develop new insights on teaching and to renew the energy to thrive in our teaching.

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Brown County places to go and things to do

Relax at the hotel pool. Play a round of golf. Zipline! Stay for the retreat's close at Sunday breakfast and then enjoy a day of comeradery and fun. FACET members join the IU FACET facebook group to coordinate plans.

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Bender Memorial Lecture

Dr. Bob Orr, 2017 Bender Memorial Lecturer:  In honor of Bob Orr's important role in FACET's legacy of dedication to teaching excellence, he has been invited to provide this year's Bender Memorial Lecture.

The Transforming Teacher

What defines us as teachers?  From where does our teaching philosophy originate and does it remain constant or is that philosophy in a constant state of flux.  For this award winning teacher, the suggestion is that a lifetime’s worth of experiences, incidents, and major happenings can all contribute to defining who we are as teachers.  If we listen and recall, isolated incidences talk to one another producing a convergence of ideas that shape and reshape our teaching.  The speaker will, through a series of personal experiences, attempt to highlight the interrelationships among teaching, coaching, leadership and learning.  In essence, becoming a teacher involves a lifelong exploration of ideas related to the teaching-learning dialog.

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