P. A. Mack Award

The annual P.A. Mack Award honors members of the IU community who have demonstrated excellence and distinguished service to teaching that are consistent with FACET’s goals and ideals. P.A. Mack is a former IU trustee and lifelong advocate for teaching excellence.

Michael Morrone, Kathy Johnson (2021 P.A. Mack Award recipient), and Anastasia Morrone (2018 P.A. Mack Award recipient)


The award may be given to FACET members, as well as non-FACET faculty, administrators, professional staff, alumni, and instructors. “Distinguished service to teaching” is broadly defined as service in the form of leadership or creative participation that significantly and demonstrably advances and/or extends the goals and ideals of FACET as spelled out in our mission statement.

To qualify for the award, nominees’ service must extend beyond their own disciplinary unit and/or campus. Service activities need not be limited to the IU system, but the contributions cited in the nomination letter must include service to IU.

Nomination and Selection

FACET accepts nominations for the P.A. Mack Award each spring. The nomination deadline is March 31. Nominators—who must be FACET members— should submit a three-to-four page letter documenting the nominee’s distinguished service, explaining how it advances FACET’s goals and ideals, and certifying that the individual meets the other eligibility requirements. Including the nominee's curriculum vitae is strongly encouraged. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Please email the letter of nomination to facet@iu.edu or mail it to:

P.A. Mack Award Selection Committee
c/o FACET Indiana University
Bryan Hall 203B
107 S. Indiana Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

A committee of FACET members and past recipients selects the recipient/s each spring.

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