Friends of FACET

FACET’s supporters include many non-teachers who aren’t eligible for FACET membership.

At the 30th Annual Retreat in May 2018, FACET updated the Friend of FACET award to include two distinctions. The first is the Friend of FACET award, which is a "thank you" that we believe many persons deserve. The second is FACET Affiliate Membership, which is a recognition for Friends of FACET with enduring commitment to FACET's values and far-reaching magnitude of impact helping others actualize FACET's values. Both awards recognize true advocates for teaching excellence.

The inaugural Friends of FACET Award, presented in 2011, honored Harvey Bender—the husband of FACET’s co-founder and first director, Eileen Bender—and former IU trustee P.A. Mack. Larry Richards received the Friend of FACET Award in 2013. Each of these recipients of the Friend of FACET Award exemplifies the level of commitment to FACET's values and the magnitude of impact of the FACET Affiliate Member.

"Friends of FACET" Nomination and Selection

FACET members can nominate someone for the Friends of FACET Award by submitting a one-to-two page “Friend of FACET” nomination letter to their campus associate director. If the associate director supports the nomination, he or she will write a second letter, gather any necessary additional information, and submit all nomination materials to the FACET director.

The director and FACET’s statewide steering committee select the award recipients.

Past Recipients


  • Lisa Kurz, IU Bloomington
  • Eric Metzler, IU Bloomington
  • Shannon Sipes, IU Bloomington


  • Larry Richards


  • Harvey Bender
  • P.A. Mack
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