Action research

Action research, can be seen as a systematic, reflective study of one's actions, and the effects of these actions, in a workplace or organizational context. As such, it involves deep inquiry into one's professional practice. . . .Action researchers examine their interactions and relationships in social setting seeking opportunities for improvement. As designers and stakeholders, they work with their colleagues to propose new courses of action that help their community improve work practices." (Margaret Riel, 2013).

Why Action Research?” pdf authored by an editorial board led by Mary Brydon-Miller, Ph.D. Brydon-Miller directs the University of Cincinnati’s Action Research Center and is Professor of Educational Studies in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services.  

Solid visual representations and explanation of action research: Center for Collaborative Action Research, via Pepperdine University:

Pdf chapter explaining action research from Brown University's Education Lab

YouTube video illustrating the process of forming an action research question

Classroom action research courtesy of Gwendolyn Mettetal at IUSB