Quick Hits

The original Quick Hits was inspired by a FACET gathering for exchanging teaching tips. Since then, the Quick Hits series has helped countless faculty members become better teachers. Addressing topics ranging from the first day of class to teaching with technology, each Quick Hits book features techniques and strategies from award-winning college teachers. Even experienced faculty can learn a lot fromQuick Hits.

Quick Hits

Mentioned in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Quick Hits collects techniques and tips from award-winning college teachers. 
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More Quick Hits

This sequel to the popular Quick Hits puts the focus on learning. More Quick Hits offers simple but successful strategies that award-winning teachers have found helpful in promoting student understanding and retention. The book also explains how to create the best environment in which to teach the courses you love.
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Quick Hits for New Faculty

Featuring more advice from award-winning college faculty, this volume is designed to help new faculty negotiate the challenges of college teaching. 
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Quick Hits for Educating Citizens

Quick Hits for Educating Citizens presents university faculty and administrators with ideas for integrating civic education into university curricula.
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Quick Hits for Service Learning

Quick Hits for Service-Learning presents more than 80 examples of innovative curricula—developed by educators in a wide range of disciplines—that combine community service with instruction and reflection.
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Quick Hits for Teaching Technology

In Quick Hits for Teaching with Technology, award-winning instructors in a wide range of disciplines address questions like; "How should I use technology in my courses?" and "Is distance learning effective?" 
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Quick Hits for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

Quick Hits for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers contains short, practice-oriented articles by experienced instructors that offer valuable teaching and career tips for balancing competing demands, addressing student issues, managing classrooms, and enhancing professional development.
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