2023 Innovate Awards

2023 Innovate Awards

Thank you to all who participated in the 6th Annual FACET Innovate Awards! 

Applications were gathered and submitted to the retreat planning committee to determine finalists. Finalists then submitted multi-media presentations of their activities in the following categories:

  • Collaborative Activities 
  • Community Engagement
  • Creative Uses of Online Tools
  • Skills Across the Curriculum
  • DEIJ-Informed Pedagogy

Eligible voters included: FACET members, Non-FACET member who attended the Annual Retreat from 2019-2022, and Non-FACET member who is registered for the 2023 Annual Retreat. 

Congratulations to the winners and finalists!

2023 Winners: Andy Tuholski, Collaborative Activities; April Grudi, Community Engagement (not pictured, Dave Lampert was her proxy); Jean Abshire, Creative Uses of Online Tools (not pictured, Rebekah Dement was her proxy); Vipul Srivastava, Skills Across the Curriculum (not pictured, Lori Montalbano was her proxy); and Alysa Lambert, DEIJ-Informed Pedagogy
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