2017 FALCON Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

FALCON provides professional development and networking for associate faculty and lecturers. In addition to plenary keynotes, there are one-hour concurrent sessions relating to the 2017 conference theme: Exploring the Future of TEaCHing: Innovative TECHniques in Higher Education. 

Please submit your proposal in one of four tracks:

What's it Like?

Description: These sessions should be designed to demonstrate a type of technology in a way that attendees will experience the student perspective. The session should model best practice.  Preferred approach: Design a session using an interdisciplinary, current event topic (e.g. How do executive orders really work?”) to engage attendees in student learning through use of the technology.  

Managing Tech Challenges

Description: Sessions can address challenges that surface in any mode of teaching (online, face to face, or hybrid) or pedagogical approach (for example, active learning, team-based learning, or flipped classes); regardless, they should describe a successful strategy to overcome a specific tech challenge. Presenters in this track should consider how the strategy would adapt to other teaching modes and pedagogical approaches.

Optimal Online Options

Description: These sessions should focus on best practices for development of and continuous improvement in fully online courses, online components of hybrid courses, or online components of face-to-face courses. We are looking for high value content for both prospective and current educators. 

Enhancing Traditional Teaching with Technology

Description: Having the traditional instructor in mind, these sessions should encourage one or more technologies that can complement face-to-face classroom interactions and enhance student learning outcomes in more traditional educational settings.  What next steps into technology will support continuous improvement for traditional instructors and encourage transition toward hybrid approaches that will maximize value through beneficial mixture of traditional and technological approaches?  Share your ideas here.

Guidelines for Successful Proposals

A successful presentation will:
  • Involve participants in interactive discussions and demonstrations
  • Provide practical solutions and applicable takeaways
  • Apply to multiple disciplines
  • Exemplify best practices and innovative thinking
  • Inspire participants to implement technology solutions
Gathering for the 2017 Robin Hass-Birky Keynote

Presenters should give attendees a one-page quick hit handout of no more than 500 words that describe the use of technology in replicable steps. Quick Hits will be considered for publication in the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Proposals will be blind-reviewed.

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