Former Bender FACET Fellows


Ange Cooksey: Ange Cooksey (2011) will help lead development of as a Bender FACET Fellow project. Ange anticipates working with the FACET office and FACET members to build a website that makes excellent teaching and learning resources available to all IU faculty (and beyond). 


Subir Bandyopadhyay: Subir will work with the FACET office and membership to create a digital scrapbook that chronicles FACET’s rich history of academic excellence, peer learning, friendship and service.

Jon Becker: Jon Becker (2002) will produce Hass-Birky Memorial videos as a Bender FACET Fellow project. A three to five minute high quality video will be used as part of the Hass-Birky Lecture introduction. Additionally, FACET will add an eight to ten minute Hass-Birky documentary on our FALCON website.


Marcia Dixson: Developed a web resource for learning more about the scholarship of teaching and learning. Resource linked to the FACET website.


Ange Cooksey: Follow-up on outreach activities for FALCON.


Jon Becker: Implemented programmatic changes to the Associate Faculty Conference, including rebranding the conference as FALCON, FACET’s Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers Conference, bringing the conference name in line with its mission as a conference directed at full and part-time non-tenured faculty, increasing the conference from two to three days, and opening to a national audience in the hopes of creating the premier national conference for adjuncts and lecturers.

Ange Cooksey: Completed outreach activities including making personal contact with administrators from regional institutions, growing the conference beyond Indiana University and into a national conference – with emphasis on growth in the region.

Yvonne Zubovic: Continued her work as chair of the FACET Leadership Institute Planning Committee by coordinating the activities of the planning committee, working with the FACET staff in planning future institute events, and communicating with the campus teams on their progress.


Julie Saam: Researched the needs of new faculty in orienting to the work environment. This research will culminate in a website for ALL Indiana University faculty that encourages those on regional campuses to tap into the larger network and resources of the university.


Subir Bandyopadhyay: Developed, in conjunction with FACET staff, a fundraising letter to reach the FACET leadership. In addition, he worked to lay the foundation for the Director’s Legacy Society, this effort is represented by the FACET donation-tree that showcases donations of FACET members. The donation tree travels to the annual retreats and selected FACET events. At other times, it is displayed inside the FACET office on the IUPUI campus.

Donna Bowles: Completed a project to increase the submissions, readership and overall utilization of the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Based on feedback, she developed a “Wish List” of submission topics of need obtained from the survey, and recommendations to enhance reader satisfaction.