JoSoTL 2016 Top Ten Most Viewed Articles

What to say to your colleague looking for informative teaching and learning strategies… 
Repeat after me….  Head on over to the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  The following links will take you to the top ten most viewed JoSoTL articles during 2016, so go take a peek at what your colleagues have been reading.  Gwynn Mettetal, a veteran FACET member, holds the all-time record for most viewed articles with The What, Why and How of Classroom Action Research

The What, Why and How of Classroom Action Research, Volume 2, Number 1

A Case Study of Cooperative Learning and Communication Pedagogy: Does Working in Teams Make a Difference?, Volume 10, Number 2

How Student Satisfaction Factors Affect Perceived Learning, Volume 10, Number 1

Research Supports Learner-Centered Teaching, Volume 13, Number 4

Student cognitive and affective development in the context of classroom-level curriculum development, Volume 8, Number 1

Learner Centered Curriculum: Design and Implementation, Volume 12, Number 4

Pedagogy of Reflective Writing in Professional Education, Volume 9, Number 1

Why Can't We Be Friends? Using Music to Teach Social Justice, Volume 11, Number 2

A Model of Student Success:  Critical thinking and 'At-Risk' Students, Volume 1, Number 1

Attention Drainage Effect: How Background Music Effects Concentration in Taiwanese College Students, Volume 10, Number 1