Ange Cooksey named Bender Fellow for project

Ange Cooksey (2011) will help lead development of as a Bender FACET Fellow project. Ange anticipates working with the FACET office and FACET members to build a website that makes excellent teaching and learning resources available to all IU faculty (and beyond). The anticipated website will have three main components:

1. Professorpedia (working title), which will be a lightly curated open share environment for faculty

2. Great conversations, which will include interviews with important teaching and learning researchers and change agents

3. Highly-curated teaching and learning resources that will be browseable and searchable. We will work with the UITS Knowledge Base staff to develop the searchability of the resources.

The year fellowship will begin soon by pulling together a committee of FACET interested members.  Ange will also lead focus groups at this year's FALCON to identify resources most-desired by our adjunt and lecture faculty.

Learn more about the Bender FACET Fellow program