Communication/Mental Health/Belonging/Engagement 
Moderator: Robin K. Morgan, Indiana University Southeast 
Courtney Fecske, Indiana University
Balancing Grace
Dawn Kutza and Katherine Cornell, Indiana University
Fostering Posttraumatic Growth in College Classrooms During COVID-19
Emily Carlson Goenner, St. Cloud State University
Finding Unexpected Contentment in Stressful Times
Suriati Abas, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Teaching and Learning In COVID times: A Reflective Critique of My Pedagogical Seminar Course
Changes as a Result of the Experience/Transformation Moving Forward
Moderator: Julie Saam, Indiana University Kokomo
Scott Wasmer, University of Alaska Anchorage
COVID-19 Attitude Correction: Rather than crash in the crisis, the author corrected attitude and began to fly
Clark Barwick, Indiana University
Coffee: Teaching Food Studies over the Internet during a Pandemic
Kylee Rohatgi, Goshen College
Building Resilience in Nursing Students During the Pandemic
Selloane Pitikoe and Karen Ferreira-Meyers, University of Eswatini
Who moved my old cheese? Implications of COVID 19 to teaching and learning in Southern Africa
Collaboration/Creativity/Innovative Engagement 
Moderator: Harold Olivey, Indiana University Northwest
Anu Muhonen, University of Toronto; Elisa Rasanen, Indiana University
“Kaikille okei?” – Everyone alright? Shifting topics and practices in language students’ chat during the global covid-19 pandemic
Viola Ardeni, UC Davis; Sara Dallavalle, The University of Chicago; Karolina Serafin, Indiana University
Building Student Communities in Spite of the Pandemic
Jacqueline Cahill, Gaylon McAlpine, and Kristopher J. Kripchak, Air University (eSchool of Graduate Professional Military Education)
Residence to Online: Collaboration During the Pandemic
Elizabeth Goering, IUPUI; Andrea Krause, Paderborn University
Like Peas in a Pod: A Strategy for Creatively Transposing Interaction-based Classes into an Online Learning Environment
Institutional Support/Preparing to Make the Transition
Moderator: Greg Siering, Indiana University
Victoria Abramenka-Lachheb, Indiana University
Instructional Designers as “First Responders” Helping Faculty Teach in the Coronavirus Crisis
Meilun Shih, National Taiwan University
Keep things commonly during the uncommon time: a lesson from National Taiwan University
Christopher Lee Proctor, Indiana University
Disaster Librarianship: Reflections on Teaching and Learning from the Heart of the Campus
Tara Winters, The University of Auckland
Emergency Remote Studio Teaching: Notes from the Field
Lynn Jettpace, Leslie Miller, Mary Ann Frank, Michelle Clemens, and Nancy Goldfarb, IUPUI
With a Little Help from our Friends: Teaching Collectives as Lifelines in Troublesome Times
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