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The Mack Fellows’ work is at the very core of the mission of Indiana University’s Mack Center for Inquiry on Teaching and Learning. One of the benefits of becoming a Mack Fellow is feedback on research. Priority is given to projects that are at a stage that will benefit the most from this feedback. In particular, each fellow will receive feedback from a research mentor. This mentor can either be someone the fellow already knows or works with, or someone identified by the Mack Center.

Mack Fellows join the community of Mack Center SoTL scholars. The goal of the Mack Fellowship program is to promote and enhance the community of IU faculty engaged in the scholarship of teaching and learning, often known as SoTL. Each year the Mack Center selects a group of fellows to conduct ambitious research pertaining to teaching and learning, and to participate in our community of SoTL scholars. Fellows not only work on their own research with the mentorship of the community, but also have additional opportunities for collaborating on additional research projects. Mack Fellows receive $1,500 in initial research funds and $1,500 after they complete their project and submit a paper to a scholarly journal.

Fellows must be full-time faculty (tenured, holding tenure track appointments, lecturers, librarians with faculty rank). Fellows may be from any of IU’s campuses, including all programs at FACET Fort Wayne.


October: 1st Call for Fellows Proposals

2nd Call for Proposals

Final Call for Proposals

Deadline for Completed Proposals

Applicants informed of decisions (Accept, Decline, Resubmit with revisions)

Public Announcement of New Fellows

Mid-May of first year FACET Retreat: SoTL CampNew fellows meet immediately prior to the FACET retreat with a group of SoTL researchers to discuss their research and to gather ideas for addressing challenges that their research presents.

Fall and Spring after First FACET Retreat: Fellows work on their projects and remain in contact with one another on their progress.

Second FACET Retreat: Fellows discuss their completed projects and give a final presentation at the FACET retreat. They also attend SoTL camp prior to the retreat to offer feedback to the entering class of new Fellows.

Post Second FACET Retreat: After the retreat Fellows revise their manuscripts and prepare their article for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. (We encourage fellows to consider our journals, the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology, as publication outlets.) At this point, fellows should also be planning additional avenues for dissemination, such as other publications or the implementation of new programs of research. All fellows should be presenting their work on campus—for example, at seminars or workshops organized by their teaching and learning center or their FACET liaison.
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