Roles of Associate Directors

Associate Directors have a pivotal role to make FACET’s presence, programs, and resources accessible to the campuses (through faculty and administrative linkages); to support and catalyze campus-based programs; to assist in follow-through of FACET statewide projects; and to transmit campus interests back to the FACET steering committee.

Table of Contents
Nomination and Selection Process
Identification of participants for FACET activities and development
End of Academic Year Associate Director Report
Director's Campus Visits
Other Responsibilities

Nomination and Selection Process

The associate director's most visible campus role is the organization of the annual campus nomination, application, and selection process. While they are precluded themselves from serving on the Statewide Selection Committee (unless extenuating circumstances require participation), liaisons assist in identifying the campus representative on that committee. (See earlier discussion of this process)

Associate Director Responsibilities in Nomination and Selection process:

  • Campus Nomination Deadlines: Associate Directors, in consultation with the Office of Academic Affairs, set campus nomination deadlines and send out nomination announcements.
  • Selection Workshops/Review Dossiers: Provide potential candidates opportunities to meet with FACET members to help mentor and develop their application to FACET.
  • Campus Nomination Review Committee: Gather volunteers from your campus FACET members to serve on your Campus Review Committee. The campus review committee is generally composed of 3-5 members.
  • Select dossiers to be forwarded the Statewide Selection Committee: It is important to note that only those dossiers that the campus believes has an excellent chance of being admitted to FACET should be forwarded to the Statewide Selection Committee.
  • Craft letters for candidates whose dossiers are not forwarded to the Statewide Selection Committee areas of improvement. It is important to note that this campus letter is never included in the dossiers later submitted to the Statewide Selection Committee.
  • Submit Campus Selected Dossiers to Statewide Selection: These need to be uploaded to the IU Box website. The FACET office staff can help with the technical aspects of this process.
  • Facilitate Letters of Support from VCAAs: In order for candidates to be forwarded on to the statewide selection committee, the FACET office requires a letter from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs approving the candidates. Liaisons will need to contact their VCAA (see Resources for a listing) and request a letter(s) for your campus candidates. The VCAA can choose to submit a single letter for all candidates or individual letters for each candidate. The letter, or letters, should be sent from the VCAA’s office to the FACET office.
  • Identify the campus representative on the Statewide Selection Committee. Specifically, the liaison should conduct an election and notify the FACET office no later than November 15th of the campus representative to the Statewide Selection Committee. Members of the Statewide Selection Committee should be elected to three year terms.

Identification of participants for FACET activities and development

The associate directors are the key individuals called upon to identify campus FACET members who might participate in a FACET major event or service; associate directors know their campus colleagues and can bring more of them into FACET activities.

With representation on the Steering Committee, they also have a voice in policy-making.

  • Steering Committee Meetings (Bi-Annual): Usually held before FALCON and either before or after the Retreat. These meetings are vital for the leadership of FACET to address concerns relevant to the future of FACET. Assoicate directors will need to submit a report prior to the meeting.
  • Associate Director Only Meeting (Bi-Annual): This is an opportunity to meet with the FACET Director to discuss important issues and to discuss issues with one another. These meetings will be scheduled around the two annual Steering Committee meetings to reduce travel.

Associate directors also foster conversations and campus programs on teaching. Associate directors will work with their campus fiscal officer to create and manage a campus FACET account for the purpose of receiving funds awarded as part of the mini grants.

Regarding program and event dates, associate directors inform the FACET office staff of important dates on each campus for inclusion on the FACET calendar hosted on the FACET website. Dates for selection, campus sponsored events, or other events appropriate, or of interest, to the FACET membership are requested. If you are interested in publicizing your event on the FACET website, please let your associate director(s) know. All events funded by a Programming Mini Grant should be confirmed with the FACET office for publication on the FACET calendar.

Associate directors are also asked to bring campus concerns and special program resources to the attention of the statewide program office and Steering Committee. The flow of relevant information is vital to cross campus communication and collaboration. Examples of programs dates the FACET office should know about include teaching programs like the Moore Symposium and visiting lecturer presentations that FACET members from other campuses would be interested in attending.

End of Academic Year Associate Director Report

Each campus needs to provide details on all events/projects that utilize FACET's programming mini-grants. This will allow FACET to show the impact of these grants. Click the download button and complete the fillable excel report for all expenses. You will then upload the report in step two for the online Campus Associate Director Report.

Download mini grant report

The online Campus Associate Director Report will include uploading the mini grant report and additional information. Please click the button below to complete the online form. (Beginning AY 2019-2020 stipends will be processed after the report has been received by the FACET Office.) 

Campus Associate Director Report

Director's Campus Visits

Approximately every two years, the FACET Director and FACET staff will coordinate with the liaison(s) to organize a campus visit. The precise details of the visit will be finalized at the time of the visit but such visits should always include time to meet and interact with Campus Administrators, Associate directors, and campus FACET members. Associate directors are to coordinate with the FACET staff concerning the following:

  • Scheduling of a day, or depending on your needs and programming requests, two days, in either the Fall or Spring academic semester for the site visit
  • Responsibilities of Associate director(s): Associate director(s) Meeting: Ideally, this meeting would be the first meeting on the day of the visit. During this visit, the associate director(s) should update the FACET Director of campus FACET events, recruitment, any issues concerning the campus membership, concerns to be brought to administrators' attention, or any other information the Director might need to know.
    • Provide the FACET office an agenda with times and rooms as soon as possible
    • During the visit, ensure that the Director and FACET staff are escorted to eachroom
    • Advertise the open meetings with FACET members so there is reasonable attendance
  • FACET Members Meeting: Ideally, this meeting would follow the meeting with the liaisons. The point of this meeting is to allow the FACET Director to hear the concerns of campus FACET members in relation to teaching and student learning, share what FACET Statewide is doing, or to observe a campus FACET sponsored event.
  • Administrator Meeting: On many campuses, this will be a meeting with the VCAA. If possible, this meeting should occur after the meeting with FACET members and the liaison(s) so that the FACET Director and Staff are aware of any campus concerns or recommendations. The FACET Director can serve as an advocate for campus teaching and learning concerns.
  • Possible Additional Meetings:
    • A scheduled meeting with the campus teaching and learning center director would be very appropriate during this visit.
    • Several campuses have included meetings with non-FACET campus groups interested in teaching and student learning.
    • Campuses have frequently requested that the FACET Director present on FACET initiatives or the FACET Nomination Process. Please inform the director and staff of any requests for programming as much in the future as possible to allow adequate preparation.
    • If time allows, it is nice to coordinate campus visits with other teaching and learning events on your campus (IUSB's SoTL Conference, monthly FACET meetings, etc) so that the FACET Director can be present and show support for your event.

Other Responsibilities

  • The FACET office, from time to time, will request help in marketing events such as the Retreat, FALCON, Under the Scholar’s Tree, or other FACET sponsored events, and will provide materials for dissemination among the FACET membership or other campus members that might be interested in FACET programming. Associate director help is vital for such programs to reach a wider audience. Participation from the associate directorsat these events is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.

  • Specifically for FALCON, associate directorsmay be asked to work with a designated campus representative to identify and assist in registering adjunct faculty and lecturers for this event.

  • Inform and coordinate campus based fundraising efforts with the assistance of the FACET staff. You will not be called upon to spearhead the fundraising effort but you might be asked to coordinate a call for pledges for your campus membership, a memorial gift for a retiree, or deceased member, etc. If you have ideas about fundraising initiatives for your campus, please contact the FACET statewide office to coordinate.

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