FACET Affiliate Member

FACET members recognize that some friends of FACET have performed service, over an extended period, actualizing FACET’s values and helping many others actualize FACET’s values. We believe that the enduring nature and magnitude of importance of these friends, as demonstrated by the early recipients of the Friend of FACET award (P.A. Mack, Harvey Bender, and Larry Richards) are deserving of FACET Affiliate Membership. 

To qualify for FACET Affliate Membership, the nominee must be ineligible for FACET membership, must have performed service that has extended to at least the campus level. The nominee must have extensive and highly-regarded responsibilities in support of teaching and learning. Service activities need not be limited to FACET campuses, but the contributions cited in the nomination letter must include service to a FACET campus. The service must have taken place over an extended period, the nominee must have actualized FACET’s values and helped many others actualize FACET’s values. (The FACET Affiliate member is not required to have received a "Friend of FACET Award.")

Affiliate FACET members will be recognized at the FACET retreat the year of their award.

Privileges of Affiliate members

  • Representation on the steering committee by one affiliate member (after there are at least 15 affiliate members)
  • Ability to nominate persons for FACET membership and the P.A. Mack Award
  • Invitation to FACET events
  • Inclusion in the FACET membership database as a FACET Affiliate Member
  • Other privileges may be identified

Responsibilities of Affiliate members

  • Ongoing commitment to FACET values as evidenced through participation in at least one FACET initiative or event each academic year (this will be interpreted broadly)

Affiliate Member Nomination and Selection

Nominators—who must be FACET members—should submit a three-to-four page letter that documents the nominee’s service and explain the nominee’s qualifications for affiliate membership. The nominee's cv/resume should also be included.

Nominations should be emailed to the FACET office by October 1 and will be considered by the Steering Committee at its fall meeting.



Terri Tarr, IUPUI

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