REnew, REtool, REflect, REinvigorate

According to World English Dictionary, the prefix re indicates a return to a previous condition, as in REstoration or REpetition. Isn't it interesting that often, in moving backward, we ultimately move forward? Thus, we invite you to RElinquish the stresses of semester's end, and REnew, REtool, REflect, and REinvigorate amongst your colleagues-­‐ones with whom you can REconnect and ones you will meet over the next two days. We are delighted to welcome new members to FACET, and for the first time ever, we are excited to welcome our colleagues who may not even know that much about what FACET is, does, and stands for! So, let the energy of the season and the spirit of FACET REfresh and inspire you, and REmind you why we have one of the best jobs there is.