FACET Leadership Institute 2016 (2016-2018)

The Leadership Institute 2016 theme is How can colleges refocus to train successful and productive citizens? Exploring new directions with an emphasis on the challenges in our diverse campus models and the incoming Generation Z.

It is a good follow-up to the previous LI theme from 2014-2016, which was focused on college success.  Also timely with the upcoming arrival of the post-millennial generation and with changes in work-environment/settings. We now want to explore ways to assure that the work we do provides students the tools that lead to success beyond college.  It is relevant to student interests and needs, and broad enough that it can be taken in many directions, depending on the needs and characteristics of each campus.  

Leadership Institute Planning Committee:

Jorge Muniz (IU South Bend), Joe Wert (IUB) and Silvia Bigatti, chair (IUPUI).