FACET Leadership Institute 2014 (2014-2016)

The Leadership Institute 2014 theme is Student Learning and Graduation Success.

This theme gives each campus the latitude to develop a project that will most benefit their campus community. Some examples might include: Helping students make the transition from high school to college—setting realistic expectations; exploring the role of contingent faculty in moving students to completion; using technology to aid in quality student learning and graduation success; or engaging alumni to enhance the undergraduate experience.

Current Leadership Institute Planning Committee:

  • Yvonne Zubovic, Chair, IPFW
  • Rosanne Cordell, IUSB
  • Kathy Johnson, IUPUI
  • Sharon Calhoon, IUK
  • Carol Hostetter, IUK
  • Don Coffin, IUN
  • Dina Mansour-Cole, IPFW
  • Paul Pittman, IUS
  • Larry Richards, IUE