2021 FACET Retreat

33rd Annual Retreat

October 22-23, 2021

Crowne Plaza Union Station, Indianapolis

Pathways to the Future

As educators, we have adapted our teaching methods and styles with our environment in order to help our students learn and retain the course material. New approaches are developed to engage students, effectively teach concepts, and achieve learning outcomes as technology continues to grow and physical classroom space evolves. Looking forward to the future of education we examine the various pathways taken to teach our students. This could be a new form of assessment, having students participate in collaborative work, or using a different classroom design. These developments enhance teaching and learning, which may be different or challenging, but overall provide students with a better learning experience. During the FACET Retreat, we will share our pathways and how these lead to the future. 

We are currently seeking proposals that highlight pathways used as teaching strategies and ideas to enhance student learning experience. We prefer proposals that recreate the learning experience, are interactive, share the impact of the pathways, and clearly connect to the conference theme. All sessions will be 45 minutes long, which will include questions and answers.

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Gina Londino-Smolar, IUPUI, Chair
Anne Allen, IU Southeast
Linda Galocy, IU Northwest
Dawn Wisher, IU Bloomington
Karol Dehr, FACET Fort Wayne
Christina Downey, IU Kokomo
Gregory Dam, IU East

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