2019 FACET Retreat

31st Annual FACET Retreat

May 15-17 at Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park.

Enjoy the FACET new member induction ceremony, FACET Innovate Awards for Excellence in Teaching, and opportunities to develop new insights on teaching and to renew the energy to thrive in our teaching.

Role Reversal: Driving Engagement while Avoiding Chaos

As teachers, we spend a great deal of time designing methods conducive to learning; we review literature, collaborate with colleagues, and review assessment materials (and the list, of course, goes on). But perhaps another effective way to understand which methods are most effective for student learning is to walk a mile in the shoes of our students—to become learners again ourselves. Even when we are at our best in the classroom, some students can become frustrated or draw back from new learning methods that may make them uncomfortable at first. This year’s FACET retreat will offer attendees a chance to step into the classroom in the role of students and learners. Each session will feature a teaching demonstration that requires retreat attendees to become active learners and participants in dynamic classroom activities. 

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Each session will be followed by a guided reflection.

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A “role-reversal” will help us recognize what we can do better as teachers to ease the transition into classroom methods that can be truly transformative, but that may require a little patience from those on the other side of the classroom.

Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park

Call the Potawatomi Inn at (260) 833-1077 to request a room and mention FACET to receive the group rate.

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Retreat Schedule and Session Information

This year's retreat schedule, including presenter information, session descriptions, and time and location of sessions will be available soon.

Steuben County Places to Go and Things to Do

Ride the state's only refrigerated Toboggan slide, visit Pokagon State Park, and take advantage of many options for shopping and dining in Downtown Angola. FACET members can join the IU FACET Facebook group to coordinate plans.

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Retreat Facilitators

More information about the 2019 FACET Retreat Session Facilitators will be available soon.

3rd Annual FACET Innovate Awards

 Learn more about the 3rd Annual FACET Innovate Awards 

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