The 24th annual Facet Associate Faculty and Lecturer Conference (FALCON)

November 15-16, 2019

Crowne Plaza Indianapolis

Maximizing Opportunity: Helping Students Where They Are 

In higher education, we want the entry to the classroom to be democratic and the exit to lead to meaningful lives. And in alignment with the former, our classes are filled with a wide variety of students, coming to us with successes and failures, trials and tribulations, moods, longer and shorter attention spans, differing limits on working memory, large support systems, isolated, living with privilege, overcoming poverty, mainstream, marginalized, healthy, ill, and on and on. This diversity is what we want, and it presents great challenges and great opportunity for learning.

To maximize learning, educational psychology tells us we want to teach in our students’ “zone of proximal development.” We have challenges to teach in this zone. Here are a few:

  • Our students all differ in their development
  • Teaching methodologies may fail to reveal what our students’ know, especially on an ongoing basis
  • The classroom environment may shut down students, cause stereotype threat, increased marginalization, or confusion
  • We are experts, prone to the curse of knowledge, the inability to see concepts through the novice’s eyes
  • Assumptions about student preparation regarding content, technological know-how, or access to resources are often wrong
  • Our students’ lives are real and can demand their attention…

But methods to overcome these challenges have been studied. These methods happen at the campus level, at the course design level, and in day-to-day teaching and learning.  This leads to our theme at this year’s FALCON: Maximizing Opportunity: Helping Students Where They Are.

Robin Hass-Birky Keynote Speaker and Session Presenter

George Mehaffy has served for 20 years as AASCU’s Vice President for Academic Leadership and change.  His division is responsible for developing programs in leadership development, undergraduate education, technology, international education and teacher education.  Each year, his division organizes a number of conferences and meetings, including two national academic affairs conferences and a major civic engagement national conference. He has directed many innovative projects, including programs with China; a technology transformation conference; a transfer articulation project with community colleges; two major national studies of student success, and a number of other national initiatives.  His most important work has been in civic engagement and student success. Before coming to AASCU, he had more than twenty years of teaching and administrative experience in higher education in Texas, New Mexico, and California.  In addition, he served for 33 years in the United States Coast Guard Reserve, retiring as a Captain in 2000.   

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Call for Proposals

FALCON provides professional development and networking for associate faculty and lecturers. In addition to plenary keynotes, there are one-hour concurrent sessions relating to the 2019 conference theme.

Please submit your propsal for any of these areas of emphasis: 

  • Teaching in an Increasingly Digital Environment
  • High Impact Practices
  • Equity & Inclusion for Students of Different Backgrounds and Experiences 
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Use of Elements of Teaching.IU
  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning 

We are no longer accepting submissions. 

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