FACET New Year Update 2018

Dear FACET Colleagues,

Welcome back after our winter holiday!

My first big announcement of the year is both happy and sad…Please join me in congratulating Charla (ckstonec@iu.edu) on her new position at IU. She will be an Associate Director at the IU Foundation. Over the last two years, Charla’s dedication, helpfulness, and positive attitude have been instrumental in all we do as FACET, and I am sure the Foundation will be thrilled to have her.  Charla will help me prepare for the transition to other support. I’ll keep you updated.

Here'sa special request. FACET was asked by President McRobbie to participate in review of teaching and learning support and IU’s teaching awards. There isone more opportunityto participate in this robust review of teaching support: Becky Torstrick and Stacy Morrone will lead a group completing the review from a University-level point of view.If you are interested in participating, please contact the facet office at facet@iu.edu.

So far FACET members have been very engaged in the various reviews:

  • Carol Hostetter, Neovi Karakatsanis, Israel Herrera, Parul Khurana, and Jay VanderVeen are analyzing teaching awards.
  • Robin Morgan, Julie Saam, Stephanie Whitehead, Adam Dircksen, Chris Young, Gwynn Mettetal, with Greg Siering (CITL Director) and Terri Tarr (CTL Director), are collecting and organizing materials regarding documentation of teaching effectiveness. These materials will be shared with University Academic Affairs and the University Faculty Council.
  • Many FACET members are engaged in campus-level review of teaching support.

Thank you everyone for helping out!

And here are several ways to participate in FACET events/activities during this year:

FACET Academy Awards nominations  (deadline January 22, 2018). Please make sure nominees are willing to attend the retreat if they are chosen as finalists! The Retreat Planning Committee will review nominations and choose finalists in February.

FALCON Session Proposals  (deadline January 15, 2018). Gwynn Mettetal will provide the 2018 Robin Hass-Birky keynote. The FALCON 2018 theme is Successful Strategies for Student Engagement: Sometimes it’s the little things.  Hold the date.

FACET 30th Annual Retreat Call for Facilitators  (deadline January 30, 2018). FACET is 30: Reflections on continuing challenges and new priorities in teaching and learning. Registration will go live in March.  Hold the date.

Professorpedia. Please contribute to Professorpedia, IU’s online encyclopedia of teaching and learning terms. It’s easy. If every FACET member searched for ten teaching and learning terms and provided feedback, the value of the community’s involvement in this one-of-a-kind university-curated resource and of the resource itself would skyrocket. Here’s a form to suggest content and provide feedback, or you can comment or ask a question directly in Professorpedia.

Join the conversation. Watch a great conversation  and access the additional resources, including discussions. A conversation with George Kuh will be posted soon.

Complete the FACET Peer Review training and become a FACET Peer Reviewer. Contact the facet office email to participate.

Interested in serving on FACET committees? Let your liaison know.

Finally, join the FACET forum with your  username@iu.edu  google account. You can start or contribute to conversations, from the practical (wanna carpool to the retreat?) to the substantive (how do you spark student motivation when you sense a lull in the semester?).

I hope everyone has a fruitful year!