President McRobbie Recognizes FACET in SOU

President McRobbie's 2017 State of the University address focused on teaching excellence. The President specifically recognized FACET as a force for teaching excellence and innovation and highlighted the launch of He announced several initiatives: FACET membership was asked to participate in a "university-wide review of all of IU’s campus and university-wide programs that support teaching and learning" and FACET leadership was charged to participate in review of the scope, appropriateness of  recognition, and selectivity of university teaching awards.

President McRobbie requested that new grants be created for teaching and learning innovations and that research into learning that leads to improved instructional practices be reported to the Academic Leadership Counsel by May 31, 2018, so that the ALC's can consider feasibility of deploying improved practices widely. He also asked that promotion based on excellence in teaching and career pathways for non-tenure-track faculty be reviewed to strengthen these career paths.

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