The winners of the FACET Academy Awards on Excellence in Teaching

FACET is pleased to announce the winners for the inaugural Academy Awards on Excellence in Teaching. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Finalists for Collaborative Activities (Winner identified below)

Rob Elliott, IUPUI, SpyHunter: the Covert Intelligence Gathering Team (C.I.G.T.)--Winner

Rob is a lecturer of Computer Information Technology at IUPUI. To complete the SpyHunter activity, students split into five teams and assume the roles of secret agents tasked with finding a suspect. Introducing the activity as a game not only helps to decrease the stress that comes with learning a complicated topic, it also lets the students have fun. 

Deborah Judge, IUPUC, Building Bridges: Collaboration Between Two Schools of Nursing

Deborah is an assistant professor at the IU School of Nursing at IUPUC. She has been nominated for her activity, “Building Bridges: Collaboration Between Two Schools of Nursing." Students participated in the one day event which consisted of scenarios that might occur if a level 4 tornado came through a small town. The activity allowed students to use their skills in a practice setting while engaging with healthcare team members of another school who may practice differently than them. 

Melinda Stanley, IUK, Escape the Module

Melinda is a visiting lecturer at IU Kokomo. She has been nominated for her activity, “Escape the Module," which is modeled after popular escape rooms. The activity had students work together online on Canvas, searching for hidden clues to progress through the assignment. Making the activity a game helps keeps students engaged, while also increasing networking between students in the class. 

Finalists for Community Engagement

Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick, IUPUC,Service Learning in Literature: Mounted library Exhibition with Service Learning Community-wide Presentation and Discussion 

Julie is a professor at IUPUC. She has been nominated for her project, “Service Learning in Literature: Mounted Library Exhibition with Service Learning Community-Wide Presentation and Discussion." Students worked together as a class to prepare and implement a multimedia exhibit, presentation, and discussion on Sylvia Plath and other feminist writers. Students visited different libraries, reading over 10,000 pages, and planned their own event for the community. 

Jessica Henderson, IUK, Student-generated Social Marketing for Community Engagement in Sexual Violence Prevention--Winner

Jessica is an assistant professor at IU Kokomo. She has been nominated for her project, “Student-generated Social Marketing for Community Engagement in Sexual Violence Prevention." Students created and presented evidence-based messages about sexual violence prevention on campus and in the community. This assignment not only gave students hands-on experience in community engagement, but also served the campus and local community.

Tatiana Kolovou, IUB, Influential Communication across Cultures

Tatiana is a senior lecturer in the Kelley School of Business. Tatiana has been nominated for her project, “Influential Communication Across Cultures." Students worked with a Greek swimwear company, Terra Nation, to help them enter the U.S. market. The project gave students the opportunity to travel to Greece and work with professionals of another culture. 

Finalists for Creative Uses of Online Tools

Christina Ivanova and Amanda Hanson, IUK, Digital Story

Christina is a visiting lecturer in English/Language Arts at IU Kokomo. She has been nominated for her assignment, “Digital Story," which had students use multimedia tools to present challenges that they’ve faced in their lives. This gave students an opportunity to present in a classroom setting while growing closer to their classmates in the process. 

Tara Kingsley, IUK, Newberry Novel VoiceThread Project--Winner

Tara is an assistant professor of education at IU Kokomo. Tara has been nominated for her project, “Newbery Novel VoiceThread Project," which had students work collaboratively through Canvas as they created a handout and a “booktalk” over their assigned novel. The assignment required students to work effectively as a group, and the use of online tools taught students the benefits group work can have. 

Todd Peabody, IUB, Practice Transition Analysis Presentation 

Todd is a clinical associate professor and director of continuing education at the IU School of Optometry. He has been nominated for his assignment, “Practice Transition Analysis Presentation," which has students present their final projects using Zoom and VideoAnt. The assignment gave students the opportunity to practice presenting in a safe environment while receiving feedback on their projects before they presented to a panel of practicing optometrists.  

Finalists for Intensive Writing

Clark Barwick, IUB, Getting Coffee: Coffee Shop Analysis Final Essay--Winner

Clark is a lecturer of business communication at the Kelley School of Business. He has been nominated for his final assignment, “Getting Coffee: Coffee Shop Analysis Final Essay," which had students apply course material to analyze and write about a local coffee shop of their choice. This assignment allowed students to connect class content to their actual lives while inspiring active consumerism as students analyzed through the lens of global trade and social justice. 

Jessica Henderson, IUK, Disease Case Study: Real People--Real Problems

Jessica has been nominated for her assignment, “Disease Case Study: Real People, Real Problems." This case study had students interview and write about a person of their choice who lives with a chronic illness. This assignment prepared students for the national exam to become a Certified Health Education specialist and helped them make the connection between disease and “real life." 

Erinn Kelley, IUSB, Using Quotations in First Year Writing

Erinn is an English professor at IU South Bend. She has been nominated for her assignment, “Using Quotations in First Year Writing," which works on strengthening students’ ability to use direct quotations in their writing through a 12-minute video presentation. By using a video instead of lecturing, Erinn had more class time to focus on student questions and address challenges that they might face. 

Finalists for Learning How to Learn

Debora Herold, IUPUI, Testing your Memory

Deb is a senior lecturer of psychology at IUPUI. She has been nominated for her in-class activity, “Testing Your Memory," which teaches students class concepts through experience. Students participate in five memory demonstrations in class, which allowed students to connect the concepts they learn in class to actual experiences and their own lives. 

Joshua Mugg, IUK, Reattempt Commentaries

Joshua is a lecturer of philosophy at IU Kokomo. His assignments, “Reattempt Commentaries," has students complete 8 written responses to their class readings, one of which they complete as a group. Joshua doesn’t penalize students who make mistakes, but instead helps them learn from them. 

Linda Wright-Bower, IPFW, Signuature Art: Creativity Assignment #1--Winner!

Linda is an assistant professor in the music therapy program at IUFW. She was nominated for her project, “Signature Art: Creativity Assignment #1," which invites students to create a work of art based on their own personal signature. She challenges students to express their personality in their work and to trust their own creativity, so they learn they are capable of being creative. 

The finalists in each category shared compelling multi-media presentations about their projects--these presentations remain avaliable

Watch the finalists' presentations