Membership database updated to support colleague networks

The FACET membership database is now set up so all FACET members can update their membership information. Updating your information is vital to enabling our new search functions, so please take a few minutes over the next few weeks to enter your current information. The "update your membership information" link is at the bottom of every page in our website.

The new search functions include a keyword search and search by discipline to support FACET's ongoing commitment to cross campus and cross discipline networks.

When you update your information you will see a keyword field where you can enter research or other interests such as mentoring and/or peer review. The search by discipline function is based on your entry in the "academic field" category. In attempt to have a consistent approach to data entry in these fields, it may make sense to define your "academic field" broadly (I put "business" as opposed to business communication). And to define your specific academic interests in the keyword field.

The traditional searches by campus, induction year, and name are also activated.