Programming Mini Grants

Each fall, campus liaisons submit to the FACET office proposals to sponsor or co-sponsor campus teaching and learning events. The proposals will be judged on the basis of the significance of the anticipated outcomes for improving teaching and student learning. Proposals reflecting multi-campus or multi-institution speakers will be given higher priority. No funding will be provided for events that have already occurred.

Proposal Deadline: Preference is given to proposals submitted by August 1 each year; funds will continue to be awarded on a rolling basis.

Award Amount: the August 1 grant requests will be considered up to $2000 per campus. Funds will be sent to a campus FACET account managed by the campus liaison—campus FACET accounts should not exceed $2000 in value as a result of the August 1st grant.

Additional award amounts: The maximum amount of funds disbursed in any year for all funded proposals will be $18,000. The FACET office will notify the liaisons of additional available funds after the August 1st mini-grant proposals are awarded.


    • Description of Project: Please tell us about the speaker you wish to invite and the nature of the overall event. If this is a multi-campus or multi-institution project, please describe the nature of the multi-campus or multi-institution involvement.
    • Number of People Expected to Attend: Estimate the number of people expected to attend; if multi-campus or multi-institution, estimate the number of people expected to attend from each campus. Be sure to specify how this estimate was reached. For example, if this conference was held last year, what was the attendance then?
    • Campuses Involved, if multi-campus or multi-institution
    • Co-sponsors: Outline who will be contributing to the direct costs for this eventand the amount provided by each sponsor. Please note that, ideally, the programming mini-grant should not cover all direct costs for this event.
    • Budget: Please indicate only direct costs.
    • Outcomes: Outline your proposed method for determining the success of this event. Will there be a method for disseminating the information to individuals not able to attend the event? In what way might students be included or benefit from this program?
    • Submit Mini-Grant Proposal

Review Process: A committee, consisting of the FACET Director, a member of the FACET Statewide Steering Committee, and an additional FACET member will review proposals. For proposals submitted on August 1, the decision will be conveyed by the FACET office to those on or about August 21.

Liaison reports: the liaison’s spring report will describe use of mini-grant funds and include an expense report. 

Policies to be aware of:Campus FACET groups cannot accept payments/registration fees for activities. All funds are to be collected byIU Conference Services. If you need help setting this up, please contact the FACET office at or 317-274-5647. Absolutely no cash or checks should be collected at the campus level for anything.