Become a Member

Since 1989, FACET’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals have attracted over 600 members, creating a community of faculty across campus and discipline. FACET welcomes new members each year via a process of nomination, application, and selection.

FACET is an Indiana University Presidential Initiative to promote and sustain teaching excellence. Each year approximately 20-25 candidates from across the IU campuses, and representing a wide range of academic disciplines, are selected as new members. At the annual retreat, new members are inducted into FACET and participate in workshops and discussions with other FACET members and leaders in higher education. Participants address the challenges of collegiate teaching, developing and sharing strategies to enhance pedagogy and practice. Once selected into FACET, members are expected to contribute their experience and skills to FACET activities and programs, advancing Indiana University’s Faculty Teaching Mission. Throughout the year, FACET members are involved in collaborative activities at the campus, statewide, and national levels, promoting inquiry and engagement in teaching and learning. FACET-sponsored activities include publications on effective teaching, conferences and workshops, institutes exploring faculty leadership, and the development and training of associate and future faculty. Additional FACET initiatives are under development. FACET is the service-oriented teaching academy of Indiana University.

FACET Statement on Evaluating Teaching Excellence